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About Seasonal Friend
5 Million+ Published Words

I am a freelance writer specialized in creating high-performing written content.

If you want to catch readers between the pauses and glue them to their screens that build trust and then open their wallets, then the idea is to punch them right in their thick-skinned throats.

And if statistics and marketing trends have any truth, then the Readers love getting punched in their tight-mortal throats. It's a boxing match. And a win-win deal if one does it well, and at the same time makes it relevant for both the readers and clients. The idea is to punch

your story is like it's Christmas of 2019--not like Halloween of 2007; outdated, unrelatable, unappealing.

Harry, listen, every selling web page, every heartfelt article, every punch is about story-telling. It either hits readers in their guts or it doesn't.

Your story-telling either connects with the audience or fails miserably.

It's that simple!

Harry, the engine that drives our digital economy is fired by 'attention'. If you can hold readers' attention, you will drive sales home, forever.

So Harry, let's get their attention. Remember who'd help you?


Right! You smart buoy.

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