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Accepting subscribers for our Nov-Dec 2023 batch.
Batch size 30 subscribers.

Explorative Letters

Organize your Thoughts and Emotions with a Pen Friend

Transactional Writing in the form of explorative letters to help you explore and plan your life. 


Areas to Work













Pick an area

Email us an area from the given list and your payment ID after buying a subscription at

Get a Pen Friend

A writer from our team will send you a personal letter within 48 hours. 

Respond within a week

Respond to the letter in 3-4 days. If you forget, we'll remind you. 

Receive a reply in 48 hours

Our writer will reply to your letter in 48 hours. 

How do Explorative Letters help?

  • Writing letters to a stranger has therapeutical benefits and eases the process of sharing due to the lack of fear of being judged. 

  • Explorative letters can be decisive for people who are struggling with anxiety and depression. Writing about uncertainty, past, present, and future, has multiple benefits, both physiological and psychological.

  • Research shows careful writing helps in the production of structured memories, and in the analysis of cause/effect relationships in the past and their application to the present and future.

  • People who describe a traumatic personal event in writing typically experience improvements in general physical health. 

  • Writing about your future results in improved productivity and performance.

  • You can attempt at writing these letters as per your own discretion. In case you need a recommendation, start by writing about your present weaknesses that are hurting you and about the possible solutions you can implement. To start the dialogue, one of our writers will share their own stories based on the area you picked during your subscription.


Health Benefits

Improve positive emotions and reduce anxiety associated with uncertainty and doubt.


Work on directions, effort, and persistence, the three performance factors. 

Formulate a vision

Identify your goals, and find the necessary tools to achieve them

Improve Relationships

Redefine both your friendships and your intimate relationships.

Our Letter Writing Team


A self-published author

from Japan

Avatar 95


Avatar 105


Avatar 111

Short Story Writer

from Germany

A Spiritual writer

from India

About our letter writing process?

  • The primary goal of our letters is to encourage you to write about yourself so you can understand your past, plan your future and in the process, discover your true self. Here, we do not promise a solution, although our writers will share their point of view on the shared topic, or maybe share a story if something similar has happened to them, so you could reflect on it and write about your own struggles. 

  • Our writers write each letter afresh based on your requested area of interest and responses.

  •  We read every word you send us, and respond to it with utter care, sympathy, and politeness unless it is specifically requested otherwise.

  • Our writers have written at least 100 letters each. They make use of that experience and reply to your letters with the concern of a childhood friend.

Sample Letters

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

The samples are published with the consent of the corresponding respondents. 


1. How can I subscribe to more than four exchanges?

You can renew your subscription on the website or request more exchanges by emailing us at

 2. Can I reply in any other language?

Currently, we support only English. 

 3. What should I write in my letters and what's the word limit?

There are no hard rules on what and how much you can write. However, we encourage our subscribers to write as much as they can. The standard length of the letters we receive wavers between 700-2000 words. 

 4. What about my privacy?

We use your information and the content of your responses only to frame a reply to your letters. We have built-in protocols that all three of our writers follow to ensure your data safety. 

 5. What if I don't write back within the validity of my subscription?

We reply to all the letters that we receive. However, you may not receive a reply on an expired subscription. In such cases, you are advised to place a request at and our writers may consider it. 

6. Can I pick or continue with the same writer from the last subscription?

Yes. We have three writers with initials N, D, and W. You can pick any one of them at the time of the subscription by mentioning it with your area of work at the beginning of your subscription. However, you cannot change your writer until the subscription expires.

Monthly Package: $199

Four Exchanges, Five Letters

Validity: 28 Days


Weekly Package: $99
One exchange, Two Letters

Validity: 7 Days

Note: We cannot respond without your reply. So we would remind you twice every week until the validity of the offer expires. 

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