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Bzzz App - Promotional Script

Category: Entertainment

Target Market: College Students


You want that smoking HOT GIRL to WANT you? Badly?? TONIGHT??? Say goodbye to boring dates forever!! Our Bzzzz app is a fun and SASSY app that will add a little SPICE to your night! How spicy, you ask?? Imagine sitting down to a nice dinner at an elegant restaurant with your date for the evening. Your date can barely focus on the dessert menu because you’ve just turned on the Bzzz app and placed it on her inner thigh and asked her to keep it there until further notice. Can you just imagine what’s going on in your date’s head after only a few minutes??? The unforgiving vibrations continue to tickle her leg, sending excitement through her body....and bingo! You’ve just warmed your date up without saying a word! When used correctly, ordering dessert will be the LAST thing on their mind!! Make your dates HOT and filled with DESIRE with our multi-level adjustable vibration speed that will have them BEGGING to get out of the restaurant and back to your place!! You two will be the only ones that know your DIRTY HOT LITTLE SECRET because this app was designed to be quiet and inconspicuous, so you can feel comfortable taking Bzzzz into the most daring or adventurous places! Download this HOT accessory today, and add a hot little SPARK to your evening! Simple, elegant, and professional.


  • No ADS!

  • Simple Massage Vibration Action

  • A Simple Frequency Slider to change vibration frequencies

  • As SIMPLE as it gets...

  • Tap Once to begin... Tap Twice to Stop

  • Low Key

  • If you like it, share it with a friend... Smiley

Disclaimer This app is for external use only, and is meant for nothing more than simple entertainment. It doesn't crash, it doesn't vibrate any harder than it does when it vibrates in your pocket on a phone call. This App is best used for entertaining yourself, and others, showing people at parties, "getting in the mood", or playing a friendly prank on the girl you like... Enjoy!


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