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Here is How to Write Thoughtful Content in 2023

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In 2017, I was helping one of the top training companies in Gurgaon with their social media and blog.

In four months, the writing team (another writer and I) increased its organic reach by 600% and gained 10k new subscribers.

We didn’t spend on Ads. We didn’t use a PR agency to get the word around. There was no budget allocated to our Facebook posts to get more eyeballs.

So, how did we do it? By creating thoughtful relatable content.

Say you ask me a question. ‘What does it mean to be an online writer?’

You don’t want a meaningless answer. A simple google search can do that.

What you want to know is what goes behind the curtain when the writer is not publishing.

(The answer is writing, mostly. Working things out. Taking one feedback at a time and fixing words so every sentence you read could sound flawless.)

You make your reader curious. You pull them to the world behind the curtain, give them a glimpse of someone else’s lifestyle.

To tell them how in the beginning there are no rewards except helping an invisible audience. Revealing innumerous pitfalls.

That how terribly boring it could get having to work on four pieces a day.

When you ask a question, you want the entire movie, not just the plotline.

That’s the trick behind crafting thoughtful content. Give them the entire movie.

3 more tips on writing and publishing in 2023;

1. Be Vulnerable and Relatable

This could be the most powerful writing advice for 2023.

All the Toms and Dicks in the audience should stop saying the same thing as everyone else. You need to tell stories. A moment in time where you learned something of value, which if shared, could be useful to others too.

Vulnerability is what connects you with people. The unique way you suffer in your life is much better than looking better. You don’t need to cover your weaknesses.

Be relatable and while doing that, tell a story that matters.

2. Publish on Quora and Medium

Last summer I ghostwritten Quora answers for a founder of an Astrology brand. My strategy was simple. Share the personal entrepreneurship story of its founder, listing all the lessons learned on the way so the other people could learn through his mistakes and accomplishments.

I wrote about 25 answers for them, one out of which went viral. Then we used Quora business to promote the answer that was connecting with the audience.

To this date, that answer generates leads for the brand. It has more than 60K upvotes and millions of views.

The same story goes for Medium.

Quora and Medium work for small to medium-sized businesses because every answer and article on both these platforms gets ranked on Google as a long-tail keyword.

When people search for their answers on Google, guess whose answer might show up at the top? Yours.

Through Quora and Medium, you’re not just creating your library of content, but you’re also connecting yourself to a much larger community on the internet.

3. Repurpose your Content

My standard practice is to create at least four pieces of content out of an original piece.

For eg., this piece can be used to answer a question on Quora. Or can be structured into an article for LinkedIn or Medium. I can also create quick Instagram posts out of the highlights. I can summarize this article and use it as a social media post. I can make an infographic. I can record these lines on tape and create audio content.

The possibilities are unlimited.

This doesn’t mean that you copy and paste the same text on different sites.

I repeat: don’t copy and paste the same text on different sites.

The idea is to repurpose your content based on what format and platform you’re publishing it on.


Creating thoughtful relatable content is the key. Give your audience a glimpse of what does it feel like to be you.

3 tips on writing and publishing in 2021:

  • Be vulnerable

  • Publish on Quora and Medium

  • Repurpose your Content

Have a question or want help with your content marketing?

Directly message me to get in touch. Seasonal Friend helps small and medium-sized businesses in creating useful content — the kind that helps businesses reach their goals.


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