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Webinar Script and Slide Deck

Project goal Seeking a charming copywriter to create a winning sales script and set of slides for a webinar, the client wanted a pre-recorded presentation for an evergreen sales funnel. The goal was to spark a connection with the audience, prove the results, and build a real connection that had them eager to book a one-on-one consultation with the coach.


Channeling the voice of the coach to ensure the script stayed “on brand,” the biggest success factor was to guide each prospect through the sales sequence so they were eager and willing to take action. Following a proven set of steps I’ve personally used with great success, the client was incredibly happy with the results (we went on to create 3 more webinars).

Work conducted included:

✅ Research and interviews with the client to extract the information for the slides

✅ Forming a compelling story to generate interest and a connection with each prospect

✅ Designing a modern and engaging format for the presentation slide deck

✅ Composing a powerful sales script for the client to follow throughout the recording

Key to this job was incorporating effective techniques in persuasion while maintaining a conversational tone, so the prospects weren’t on “high alert” from a hard sales push.

Delivered a 4.7% conversion rate on booked consultations


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