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What Can True Love Stories Teach US About Crafting Content?

I was a tiny 13 years old brown bird when it happened the first time.

Most nights I would pass out texting her on my brown leather living room couch, the phone dropped on my chest, the sheets drawn around the curve of my head.

I would ask her to repeat why she loved me. Why it was already three days since we saw each other. If she wanted to meet up the next Saturday.

It was always about me, like most of the directionless writing on the internet, keeping their cycles on so they can get whatever they can get out of their readers.

I’ll grow up to realize that is not Love.

My proper love story didn’t appear until I was a 23. Until I started on an entry-level job for a multinational company.

I first fell in love with her walk, the way she would pass by my workstation, swinging from east to west and then west to east.

I spent the first few months listening to her story. Coupling it with my personal experiences, so she knew I understood her. I asked her If there was anything I could help her with, promising and over-delivering, every time.

And three months later, when the bones of my actions proved that I truly cared for her, I asked her out.

That’s what we need to do while crafting content for our brands.

Give attention to our audience’s needs. Understand it. Listen to them before offering the solutions.

For meaningful content, persuasive fanciful writing or high morals aren’t enough.

You have to display your genuine desire to help.

Prove that you understand their struggle through your anecdotes.

Let them know that you want the best of what wants best for them.

True love can teach us how to be more thoughtful about our actions, and the ways we can carry that intention into the other spheres of life, like crafting.

Happy Valentine’s.

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